worldmap 16-02-16

The plan is simply to travel all around the world! One day I’ll be back home. But I don’t know when. My plan isn’t to migrate, it’s to travel. Our “nice” Prime Minister (Antonis Samaras, EX-PRIME MINISTER as from the 25th of January!!!), by following all these policies of austerity, offered me the chance to travel, so I grabbed it! During the last 11 months of preparing the journey I sometimes felt worried (I almost canceled it a few days before I go) because trying to survive in Greece started to seem more adventurous than traveling around the world! I don’t know exactly when I will return. It depends on my budget (the thinner my wallet gets, the closer I’ll be to Greece) and on my personal goals. If I don’t feel fulfilled by my journey anymore, I’ll stop it. Until this moment, my journey is the most powerful experience I’ve ever had!

2 thoughts on “THE ROUTE”

  1. Καλούς δρόμους …κι ολόκληρη την playlist του ταξιδιωτικού ευχολογίου!


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