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Time flies here in Africa! Few days ago, I turned one more page to my journey and from Zambia I went to Botswana. Exactly one month ago Continue reading Zambia

Gimme some ideas! – Δώστε καμιά ιδέα ρε παιδιά!

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Two weeks ago, we entered Mauritania. The procedure we had to follow Continue reading Mauritania

Southern Morocco & West Sahara

The road now is a straight line and it’s the first time I’m happy to drive in a straight line! On our right Continue reading Southern Morocco & West Sahara

Marrakesh & southern Morocco

Good morning to everyone and have a good month! Do not expect much  Continue reading Marrakesh & southern Morocco

Atlas mountain & Sahara desert

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Morocco (Atlas mountain & Sahara desert)

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Kenitra, Rabat & Fes

…and the tour goes on!

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