Vespalog 01 (Juan O’ Leary, Paraguay)

 Vespalog” is a new series of videos in which we will be providing you with our latest news.

Unfortunately, we don’t have enough time to put English subtitles to the vlogs, but don’t worry, here follows a short description of what we say on the video:

We are talking about our 2 days in Iguazu. Specifically, we stayed in Puerto Iguazu, a small Argentinian touristy town around 20klm from the Iguazu Waterfalls. We stayed in the only campsite we found. All the campsites in our GPS proved to be closed or abandoned and we stayed at “Camping Agreste Costa Ramon” for 100ARS per person.

We are also refering to the fact that the prices of all the products and services in Puerto Iguazu were higher (even double in some cases) than those of Buenos Aires.

The entrance to the Iguazu National Park was at 260ARS per person and the cost for parking our moto was 35ARS (the cost of the parking depends on the vehicle). Due to the high fee of entrance and the low budget of our journey, only one of us entered and saw the waterfalls (Alexandra – Stergios had already visited the Victoria Waterfalls in Zambia 😉 ).

We are also talking about a guy we met in the campsite. He was form Switzerland and he was traveling around the world on a motorhome. He was a great person who also had bought land with olive trees in Greece because, as he told us, Greece was in his heart.

Last but not least, we are referring to the border crossing to Paraguay. We went from Argentina to Brazil (we drove in Brazil for about 20klms) and then to Paraguay. Getting out of Argentina and into Brazil was really easy (in the region of Iguazu the procedures are simple due to the agreements between the two countries) for us (with our EU passports). From Foz de Iguazu (Brazil) we crossed the borders to Paraguay. Again, the procedure was easy: we had our passports stamped and we had to go to the customs office to get a permit for the moto, which took us only few minutes. Our visas and the moto’s permit last for 90 days.

We are currently in Paraguay, in a village called Juan E. O’leary and we are staying in a beautiful and relatively cheap campsite (“Nativa Nautic Club” – 20,000PYG per person) which we found by complete coincidence. We are thinking to stay here some more days as we like swimming in the river and we are really enjoying the scenery!

The prices in general, (from what we know until now) are lower than in Argentina and the local currency (PYG) is a bit tricky. We have to calculate it in thousands as it is not very strong (1EUR=5,500PYG).

Stergios & Alexandra 01/05/2015

enjoy the ride 03


greek flag vintage Vespalog 01 (Juan O’ Leary, Paraguay)

Αυτή θα είναι μια καινούργια σειρά από βιντεάκια με κύριο σκοπό την ενημέρωση όσων ακολουθούν το ταξίδι μας για το πού βρισκόμαστε και τί κάνουμε.

Στο πρώτο vlog σχολιάζουμε τους καταρράκτες Iguazu και τις πρώτες μας μέρες στην Παραγουάη.

Στέργιος & Αλεξάνδρα 01/05/2015

11 thoughts on “Vespalog 01 (Juan O’ Leary, Paraguay)”

  1. Καλό μήνα και υποκλίνομαι! !!!!Argentina εσύ Στενή Έβοιας εγώ. ……..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Τι να κάνω ρε μάστορα μου που μας ζητάνε και λεπτομέρειες;;;
      Κι εγώ τη βαριέμαι τόση πληροφορία, αλλά σε κάποιους άλλους ίσως φαίνεται λίγο χρήσιμη.
      Υπομονή, επιστρέφω δριμύτερος…


    1. Yes, we can imagine the difficulty and we’ll add english subtitles if we ‘ve got the time. You can read the written description of what we say on the video on the text above.


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